Saturday, 3 September 2011

Its official- we are a nation of idiots

Its official- we are a nation of idiots: I got an email from the public relations company for General Electric Corporation’s house organ Txchnologist magazine. The PR guy noted
  • “As an FYI-the Txchnologist is a digital magazine presented by GE with the intention of taking a closer look at the wide world of science and technology. The magazine’s content is outward facing in nature and not limited to GE-focused stories.”

If by “outward facing” content he means complete lies, frauds and hoaxes, well, duly noted. What got me all worked up was the article titled “Thorium lasers: The thoroughly plausible idea for nuclear cars.” That article has statements like:

  • “The thorium laser does not produce a beam of coherent light like conventional lasers, but instead merely heats up and gives off energy.”

Good gosh, is our country so full of idiots that we can’t parse this sentence to see it is at best a joke and at worst an actionable hoax perpetrated by criminals?

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