Tuesday, 15 November 2016

We are ready with 12Volt Garden Lghts

Yes. We have with us 12Volt Garden Light PCBs.  The Idea is to use these Boards in any suitable fixture of your choice.

Bollard Light - Running on Solar Energy since 2013
We will help you fix the Boards inside the fixture.

For a Round Ball Light we recommend 3 Boards per Light.

For a Down Facing Post light, 2 Boards should be sufficient.

These are one of the most efficient Boards available and 2 Watts will give you enough light on the ground for a 5 Metre spacing between lights.  The light should be equivalent to a 40 Watt Incandescent Bulb.

With these Lights you can go Solar at the most affordable cost.

For every round bollard light you will need 10 Watts of Solar Panel & 8 Ah of Battery.

For details of your requirement you can presently get in touch with us if you are in Goa.

Our detailed Installation instructions, calculations and Videos should be ready in a few weeks.

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