Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage DC can be used for powering your Garden and Porch lights.

Anything less than 50 Volts is considered as Low Voltage.
We have developed Lighting Modules for 12 Volts and 24 Volts DC.  These are the two most common DC Voltages found in Various Lighting areas like in Automobiles and Boats.

A 24 Volts system is an efficient way to use LED Lighting and our 24V LED Modules are probably one of the World's most efficient.

The Modules we provide for Lighting and self contained driver-less LED modules.
You can connect them directly to a 12V or 24V Battery depending on the module you select.
Our Linear design provides the highest reliability with zero Electromagnetic Interference.
The evolved design not only overcomes the major limitation of Linear and turns it over to make this the Most efficient Modules for running directly off a 12V or 24V supply or Battery.

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